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Industrial Work Related Injuries

Nearly every working Idahoan is protected by workers’ compensation insurance, which provides medical and chiropractic benefits to workers with a job-related injury or disease. If you have suffered a job-related injury, you should advise your employer as soon as possible. You should seek first aid, medical or chiropractic care.

Your employer may have a designated physician for treating all work-related injuries except for emergency care. It has been my experience that most occupational physicians are professional and provide high standard of care. Some injured workers complain that their designated company doctor offered less care than what they thought they required to fully recover.  Some injured workers seek legal representation complaining that their designated company doctor minimized the extent of their disability and impairment rating which adversely affected Permanent Disability Benefits.  You will never find that situation in our office as our patients come first.  We will never ignore or minimize your injuries or be unfair to an injured worker.

We accept work injury cases that are authorized by your employer or workers’ compensation insurance company.  We also accept work injury cases that are represented by an attorney. Our clinic has been treating injured workers for over 30 years and we know how to help you manage your work injury.

Idaho Injured Worker Information

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