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Spinal Rehab

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Spinal Rehabilitation  



Teaming Up for Optimal Health.  Most chiropractors regard the elimination of symptoms as the easiest part of a persons care.  Pain relief doesn’t mean that the tissues have completely healed or that function is restored.  It is a good start, but it often takes more time for tissues to fully heal properly and it usually requires more time to restore optimum function than it takes for tissue to heal.

Restoration of Joint Function. Improving function is the key to long term pain relief. Failure to restore function means any pain relief is temporary and increases the risk of chronic pain. Joints that have good function are not painful, perform better and are less likely to be injured or degenerate. Adjustments specifically applied to joints can restore motion when the body’s own muscles cannot.

During spinal rehabilitation you will begin spinal strengthening exercise, stretching and stabilization maneuvers. Typically, one will require less frequent chiropractic adjustments during this time frame.

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