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Plaintiff Attorneys

We welcome auto injury cases.  Primary chiropractic care of auto injury cases has been a significant focus of Dr. Oliver’s practice for the last 30 years. Dr. Oliver understands that proper chiropractic case management produces outcomes which are secondary to none in terms of recuperation and long-term follow-up for musculoligamentous injuries. Chiropractic remains cost-effective and produces high patient satisfaction with low disability ratings.

Dr. Oliver well understands that medical legal cases requires greater work, responsibility and accountability. We strive in these cases. Dr. Oliver is well trained in injury cases and provides timely documentation and reports which carry merit. Plaintiff attorneys have numerous responsibilities to their injured clients and many seem to go the extra mile for their clients. The last thing that they need is to deal with is poor quality treatment documentation, delayed reports and badly written reports which makes their jobs more difficult.

Defense Attorneys

Review of Records

Medical Legal Review of Records is complete forensic review of the clinical records and is the most frequently requested service that we provide to defense attorneys.  

Records typically include accident reports, emergency department hospital reports, radiology reports, medical office visits, chiropractic documentation, itemized billings and depositions of treating providers and expert witnesses. Dr. Oliver’s performs an in-depth objective analysis of the clinical records, correlates the information and submits timely reports which provides clarity of the case issues.

Each case is different, so of course attorneys will submit a specific set of questions for which they are seeking expert opinions. The common issues appear to be causation, apportionment and reasonable treatment.

Case Settlement

Dr. Oliver provide Defense attorneys with quality reports which settles cases.  “We could not have settled the case without your report…” is the most common feedback we hear from attorneys. 

Independent Examination

Less frequently requested are IME evaluations. Dr. Oliver’s IME reports include review of the available records which allows correlation of the patient’s current history to that of the clinical documentation. An IME also allows clarification of the patient status, treatment necessity, residual symptomatology or deficits, if any.


Dr. Oliver stands ready to testify in support of his opinions and conclusions.

Claim Pro

Independent Medical Examination’s (IME) are specialized evaluations involving history, examination, review of records and diagnostic imaging studies. The IME term is widely used; however, in some jurisdictions a different name will be used for the same evaluation. Requests for IME’s come mostly from automobile casualty, personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.

Independentlow back pain means that Dr. Oliver’s conclusions are his own and based upon supporting documentation, examination, references and clinical experience.  Dr. Oliver’s detailed reports are impartial regardless of referring source or remuneration. Requests for IME’s from insurance companies do not involve any verbal discussion of the case aside from setting up an appointment for an IME. This now seems an appropriate standard.

Clinical records are forwarded prior to examination along with a cover letter. A set of specific questions are presented. These questions typically request clarification of the documented  conditions, diagnoses, causation, reasonable care and apportionment. Residual disability and impairment rating issues may be an issue in unresolved injury cases which have reached an endpoint.

Addressing specific issues with conclusions which carry merit offers guidance in proper and efficient case management as well as feedback to the treating providers. Fair and sound conclusions offers adversarial parties a foundation to resolve disputed issues leading to case closure.

Expert Witness Services

Dr. Oliver’s expertise is in the area of personal injury, workers’ compensation and medical liability cases.  

Dr. Oliver works cooperatively with many individual lawyers and large law firms. Dr. Oliver is respected in both the medical and legal worlds as a chiropractic specialist who is competent, objective, reliable and reasonable. It is specifically because of  this reputation that Dr. Oliver is called upon to provide expert opinions and treatment for attorneys with both plaintiff and defense concerns.

Plaintiff attorneys know that when their clients see  Dr. Herb Oliver, they will be properly diagnosed,  receive excellent quality care and will be provided the documentation to properly represent their clients.  

Defense attorneys use our services for claims review, malpractice assessment, file review, independent medical exams and other consultative services. Like the plaintiff attorneys, they recognize that objective opinions which are not influenced by the person paying the bill are of greatest value.

Dr. Oliver has a record of impartiality and maintains an active chiropractic practice. As chiropractic expert witness, Dr. Oliver will always provide a fair and impartial assessment of facts before agreeing to be an expert witness.

As a chiropractic expert, Dr. Oliver will appear in support of his opinions expressed in any treatment case, clinical record review or independent medical examination (IME) report.


WhyChiropractors are the primary doctors of choice for many reasons. Chiropractic physician have a great understanding of soft tissue injuries. They are by experience and training the soft tissue experts. According to the American Bar Association chiropractors manage more accident injury cases than any other health care professional.

Chiropractors are generally reasonable and easy to work with along with a high degree of patient satisfaction. Research demonstrates that for the majority of injuries, chiropractic is the most effective and least costly method of care. Attorneys, your clients receive the maximum health benefit with the least financial exposure. Happy clients will refer other clients.

Having been closely scrutinized by insurance companies in the past, chiropractors have always had to take documentation measures which clearly demonstrate the underlying condition. Dr. Oliver embraces and is proficient at documenting soft tissue injury.  Dr. Oliver’s efforts are directed towards thorough evaluation and objectification of patient complaints. Dr. Oliver is familiar with the necessary reporting procedures which provides clarity of the patients injury and status. In treatment cases, it is the policy of Dr. Oliver not to charge attorneys for routine reports or treatment records.


49 year old passenger was struck from behind

Records describe a 49-year-old female who was a restrained passenger in the front seat of a vehicle which was struck from behind. Initial complaints of mild upper thoracic pain was noted. Patient required emergency department evaluation which revealed mild upper thoracic tenderness.  She underwent thoracic x-ray examination which revealed mild thoracic scoliosis and mild thoracic spondylosis.

The patient subsequently began chiropractic care. She underwent examination, surface EMG studies, electronic range of motion studies, thermography studies, and initial x-ray studies.  Treatment was started. Multiple diagnostic studies were repeated during re-evaluations. Her chiropractor diagnosed strain/sprain injuries of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.  She attended 164 chiropractic visits.  She attended 52 visits by a certified massage therapist.

The issues in this case were whether the therapeutic chiropractic procedures utilized in this case were reasonable, necessary, and accident related?  There were also issues regarding the use of diagnostic procedures, intensity of care and the duration of care.

57 Year old female driver was struck from behind

A 57-year-old female driver was struck from behind on March 11, while stopped at a stoplight.  She started chiropractic care and strain sprain injuries were reported.  She was under active treatment through May 26. On May 27, the patient was involved in another motor vehicular accident.  She sought care from a different chiropractic provider and attended additional care for the next 9 months. Documents reveal intermittent chiropractic care prior to the accidents of March 11 or May 27.

Issues in this case were causation, treatment necessity, duration of treatment and apportionment.

27-year-old female driver making a left hand turn.

27-year-old female driver was attempting a left-hand turn on March 13, and was struck by another vehicle on the passenger side of her vehicle.  Her chiropractor diagnosed strain/sprain injuries involving the cervical and thoracic spine.  She attended therapy through November 4.  After an 8 month gap in care, the patient sought additional chiropractic care. 

The issues in this case include whether additional chiropractic care is considered reasonable and necessary following a prolonged gap in care.