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whiplashpicmvapicWhiplash aka Traumatic Cervical Syndrome

Whiplash occurs when the neck is forced through a rapid series of movements faster than the bones, muscles and ligaments can accommodate. Whiplash injury results in the stretching and tearing of the spinal ligaments due to the strong kinetic and mechanical forces of the collision.

Injuries from low-velocity collisions, fewer than 10 mph, occur from the rapid movement of the body and may result in muscle strain, bruises or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Pain and stiffness may occur within 12-36 hours after impact; however, other symptoms may be delayed.

Injuries from high-velocity collision, over 10 mph, can occur as a result of the body hitting objects within interior of the vehicle such as the dashboard, steering wheel, or window. Common injuries of this kind include neck sprains, concussions, shoulder, wrist fractures, hematomas and contusions.

Whiplash SymptomsNPauto2Windshield

Neck and Shoulder Pain | Headache | Dizziness | Blurred Vision | Vomiting |Flashing lights | Ringing in the ears | Tingling | Nerve Symptoms |Sore Throat | Trouble Swallowing | Jaw Problem

Pain may not present itself for 12-36 hours after impact. Whiplash can also cause cervical disc injury with herniation resulting in nerve compression producing neurological symptoms extending into the shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand.


PENTAX ImageClinical Findings of Whiplash

Common clinical findings are restricted spinal motion, muscle spasm, inflammation and subluxations.  Ligament injury can result in subluxations which are joints with altered mechanics, dysfunction and altered neurology.  Cervical x-ray studies with flexion and extension can evaluate the degree of ligamenous injury and those spinal segments with joint restriction or dysfunction.  Orthopedic and neurological examination is essential to evaluate a potential disc and nerve injury.  MRI studies are often required with persistent pain and for further evaluation suspected traumatic disc injuries.

Experience You Can Trust

Dr. Herb Oliver has years of training and brings a high level of clinical skill and knowledge to the assessment of injuries and tailored care of each and every individual injured in a motor vehicle accident. We will refer you to a specialist when indicated.  We will provide high quality documentation of our findings to your insurance companies and attorneys.  Our chiropractic physicians will treat you with gentle chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy,  and exercise therapy when you are ready. The sooner you get the right help, the faster you will feel normal again.


Auto Accident Cases We Accept

We accept auto injury cases with PIP or “Med-Pay” insurance coverage.  PIP stands for personal insurance protection (personal injury protection), and it may be part of car insurance that covers medical expenses. If you have PIP insurance and are hurt in accident, you can receive maximum benefits whether or not the accident was your fault. 

We accept those injuries cases who are represented by an attorney. When represented, payment for services is deferred until your claim has been settled.